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Can I Cash My Trevor Lawrence Heisman Future Now?

I'm not here to say that College Football should or shouldn't happen, and while I obviously want to see the NCAA exploit athletes across the country, something's gotta give.

Colleges across America are forcing students online again, others are offering hybrid instruction and some are forcing you to walk around with a pool noodle to maintain social distancing, but college football is still up in the air. We all knew the Higher Education system in America is a complete and utter abomination, most schools are still unsure what awaits students returning to campus over these next few weeks. All of my classes have been moved to online, but one of my roommates still as in-person instruction for every one of his classes, but that's a whole different blog. The point is, the NCAA completely muffed the start of the 2020 College Football Season (shocker, I know).

I also want to clear up that I'm not saying the coronavirus isn't an issue, you're an idiot if you think it's not, but the biggest issue with the loss of a college football season is what Trevor Lawrence tweeted and then some. The opportunity to play college football is a fresh start for some and a safe haven for others that allows them to not only play the sport they love but *earn a college education. Athletes are going to be given better treatment than any other student on any campus in America. Hell, I'm required to be tested twice a week when I move back to school next week, imagine what they'd be doing for the athletes. You thought they were treated like royalty before? Good, they should be considering 95% of college athletic programs are non-revenue, and if the PLAYERS want to play, why not let them?

Most would agree that the college football season isn't going to happen due to the potential legal nightmare situation of a student-athlete contracting the coronavirus and dying. Hey, not saying it isn't a massive liability to assume all student-athletes would follow whatever rules are laid out in front of them regarding social distancing and whatnot but no college football in 2020 leaves collegiate sports looking VERY different in 2020. Kiss the likes of gymnastics, swimming, potentially baseball and as unfortunate as it is to say, pretty much any women's sports team goodbye. Brutal.

But taking another look at the graphic Lawrence and numerous other high profile college football players tweeted out, I don't think any of the demands are that ridiculous.

  1. They all want to play football this season. Instant erection, despite this being an abundantly false blanket statement.

  2. Universal Mandated Health & Safety procedures are cool, don't even think the NCAA is compromised of people that lowly.

  3. Allowing players to opt out completely clears up point number 1. Nice job fellas, I guess some of you did pay attention in your business law class.

  4. This one could turn into a logistical nightmare with a new class of recruits coming in, still don't think it's too far fetched.

  5. A college football players association could work Imo as long as they don't attempt to unionize a la Northwestern. Think they would have to find former college football players to be representatives. Two from each Power 5 Conference and one from the Group of 5 schools. Elected by the players, I can see a world where this works.

In the past few hours we've seen prominent coaches from across the country speaking out saying they want to play in 2020 and that playing is more safe than not. Not saying I wouldn't prefer a concussion to cover, but if coaches across the country continue to speak out, who's to say this doesn't change the minds of University and Conference presidents across the country? It should when you remember that Head Football Coaches at Power 5 Programs are more often than not the highest paid state employees, looking at you Lovie Smith. Apparently the B1G's decision isn't final yet either, but if the rumors are true and Iowa and Nebraska voted that they want to play in 2020, PLEASE let them. Find a way to incorporate them into the Big 12, make every university an independent this year and put teams into divisions based on geographic location which leads to a playoff. Just do something, I wouldn't want to deal with upset coaches as a member of an athletic department or university. Hell, Nick Saban even crawled out from the cave he lives in to comment:

The craziest thing about all of this is that it's a guy like Trevor Lawrence leading the charge, someone who is seemingly locked in as the First Overall pick come next April. He's not a guy who needs College Football back necessarily, all he hasn't accomplished is winning the Heisman Trophy, but for his efforts to keep this season alive and is virtually leading the charge for a 2020 season is enough for the committee to just hand him what he would have won if the season went on as planned. If the +450 future I put on Touchdown Jesus to win the Heisman doesn't cash, I'm going hungry, please figure it out.

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