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Bill Burr Tells Jokes During SNL Monologue, Internet Reacts With Anger

“Also, not heard of Pride month? Strains credulity,”

I’m about a week late on this one, but there are only like 3 of you who read this blog, so not a huge a deal. Anyway, Bill Burr’s SNL monologue last Saturday was absolutely hilarious, which in the year 2020 means that a lot of people on the internet got mad.

Without hijacking the bit, Burr said that white women somehow threw themselves into the ‘victim’ side of woke culture, even though they’ve been aiding, abetting, and benefiting from the ‘evil’ done by white men for all these years, and now they’re taking advantage of the woke movement to advance themselves further.

It’s a spot on observation. Click around any small town Facebook group and you will find post after post from bored 35-year-old white chicks looking to start solidarity marches for indigenous transsexuals, victims of period shaming, or whatever other grievance they can latch themselves onto in hopes of scoring suburban street cred and kudos at the next PTA meeting. They’ve taken the legitimate civil rights and gay rights movements and turned them into Pinterest projects because they’re bored at home in their mcmansions, while their hedge fund manager husbands are at the office robbing society blind. My home town of Glen Rock, New Jersey averages at least one solidarity march, vigil, or sit-in a week. They even held one for the New Jersey Attorney General after his hat was made fun of by the hosts of a barely listened to radio show.

As you can imagine, these idiots all take themselves way too seriously, so when Burr made fun of them during his monologue it touched a nerve big time.

This tweet went viral and garnered a considerable amount of support from the simps and humorless cunts who spend their days griping about such things on the internet.

‘Ryan’ here, has signaled his virtue with BLM twitter wallpaper, and describes himself as “Those who tell stories rule the world. Writer. Photographer. Taco Enthusiast. He/Him.”

In high school we would have just called him a fag, flicked him in the nuts, and gone about our business.

I love how he includes “I don’t care, people will laugh” as a criticism of a comedian. That would be like an animal rights activist getting mad at a baseball player for hitting a home run, and not acknowledging that what people were really cheering him for was the act of battering around the flesh of a dead cow.

Via his tweet, Ryan is engaging in what is known in internet culture as ‘simping’. A simp is basically the internet equivalent of the ‘friend-zoned’ ‘really close guy friend’ that every chick has in college. These vultures will often put on a façade that says ‘I’m sensitive and treat women with respect’, but really they’re just date rapists waiting to strike. Thanks to the mainstream media (Rolling Stone I’m looking in your direction) everyone thinks it’s football players and frat bros doing the raping – so wrong, always be on the lookout for the wolf in simp’s clothing ladies. The next tweet up, by a user calling herself ‘Poppy Jane’, has since been deleted. Luckily I transcribed said lunacy before it was cast off into the ether.

“Kay so, I just watched his “monologue”. The absolute ickiness on display… it’s a flagrant rejection of any empathetic response for the sake of laughs. Comedians often also justify this by saying that audiences, even those that would other wise be offended, laugh nonetheless.” – Poppy Jane

I’m not sure why “monologue” is in quotations. Is this to imply that a man speaking by himself in front of an audience for 7 minutes is not conducting a monologue? And once again, they appear to be confused by the part where he says stuff to get a laugh. That’s the job. It’s Saturday Night Live. That’s what’s supposed to happen. No one is tuning in to a sketch comedy show for the Hillary ‘Hallelujah” bullshit, or RBG Rest In Power. Bill Burr is what people want. Laughter. Comedy. Fun. None of these sanctimonious assholes ever seem to have any fun, although I suppose if they did I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

This is possibly the dumbest fucking thing SNL has ever done

Burr also joked about not realizing June was Gay Pride month. Again, not gonna step on his bit, you can watch the video if you want to see it, but it was very funny, and of course went over the heads of the perpetually bothered.

“Also, not heard of Pride month? Strains credulity,” might be my favorite internet line ever. Do these imbeciles really not understand how comedy works? It’s a standup bit. It’s not the fucking State Of The Union. Remember Abbot and Costello? Who’s on first? Well you’re not gonna like this, but those guys weren’t really putting together a baseball roster, it was all made up so they could do the comedy bit. God forbid she overhears a knock knock joke and doesn’t find a banana or an orange standing the front door, she might have an aneurysm.

I guess Burr was in Breaking Bad. I was not a Breaking Bad guy, so I’m not sure about the context. Anyway, this guy is obviously full of shit. Burr is huge. He’s so huge he’s hosting SNL the second week back from COVID. He has a show on Netflix. He’s been on Comedians in Cars. He’s all over the goddamn place. He’s part of the zeitgeist. You actually have to be an out of touch buffoon to not know who Bill Burr is. It’s like when Billie Eilish lied and said she didn’t know about Van Halen. You may not be Diamond Dave’s #1 fan, but you have to know enough to say “oh yeah, Van Halen, I’m familiar with the reference, because I don’t live under a rock.” This dipshit also refers to himself as a #LizWarrenDemocrat.

Any guy who puts #LizWarrenDemocrat in his Twitter bio is just a simp trying to trick dumb chicks into sleeping with him. His profile picture reveals a circle beard which is incredibly off-putting. Circle beards have a real aggressive, “I’m the guy dating your mom after your dad passed away, and even though you’re only 12 years old, you know damn well that this beard means I spend a lot of time eating her box” energy to them…although in this guys case I guess it’s more like “I get pegged by your mom” energy.

The point is, the world would be a much happier place if these humorless cunts could sit back, listen to a comic crack wise about the world’s hypocrisies and have a goddamn laugh for once.

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