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Big Wins and Big Mistakes: What You Missed Last Weekend

Welcome to a new weekly article on the Goonery, a weekend recap on what you might have missed in sports over the weekend. From the ridiculous to the hilarious, we will be bringing you stories weekly that may have slipped below your radar.

If your sports viewing weekend started with the Buccaneers becoming the first team to host a Superb Owl on their own patch and ended with sex symbol Andy Reid punching his ticket to the big game, then you missed quite a bit of action across the world of sports. Here is the roundup of some moments of note that happened over the weekend.

Dallas leaps from the starting blocks

After delaying the start of their Stanley Cup defense season due to a number of Covid positive tests, the Dallas Stars absolutely humiliated the Predators on Friday, hanging seven on the 2017 Western Conference champs while shutting them out, thanks to braces from Joe Pavelski and Alexander Radulov. The Preds improved on Sunday, only losing 3-2 to the Stars this time.

Norwich City with a whole omelet on their face


It was an FA Cup weekend over in English soccer last weekend, a competition which pits teams from different leagues and levels against one another. Norwich City traveled to fellow second-tier team Barnsley and proceeded to take liberties with the interior decor, plastering posters of their own team's exploits on the walls of the player tunnel. Yes, you read that right, they put vinyl decals all over the shared tunnel that leads out to the field. Perhaps they could have gotten away with this little act of renegade redecoration if they had won, but they lost 1-0.

Sports are full of these stories of teams trying to get a slight mental edge, and there is a fine line between the absurd and the brilliant. This is just absurd though.

Notre Dame bench rains down on Miami

We return closer to home to round out our deep dive into the weekend, and the college hardcourt raised a few eyebrows for a particular reason on Sunday.

It's been a stop-and-start season in college basketball this season, and depth has been tested with seemingly every team having a Covid-related delay at one time or another. It was Mike Brey's bench however that actually saved the day last weekend, as the Irish reserves outscored the U's bench by FIFTY-SIX points en route to a 73-59 win.

The bench production was needed too, as three Notre Dame starters wound up with goose eggs in the points column. Neither team has a winning record at the moment, so there is a reason that nobody was watching this game.

Notice any other absurd or impressive displays over the weekend? Let us know down below or on Twitter @The_Goonery .

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